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Troubleshooting iCloud

iCloud usually ‘just works’, but occasionally there are circumstances when it doesn’t. Common issues are a failure to sync a safe, or a ’stuck’ (partly complete) sync. If this happens there are few things you can try which will usually resolve the issue:


  • that your device is connected to the internet (try web browsing),
  • ensure you are logged on to iCloud and iCloud Drive is enabled for SamuraiSafe,
  • check the availability of the Apple iCloud Drive service:

if the above doesn’t help, try:

  • restarting your device (as this will restart the iCloud processes on your device),
  • disabling and then re-enabling iCloud Drive for SamuraiSafe,
  • if the above steps fail to resolve the issue, try logging out of iCloud completely, and then logging in again.

Note that iCloud updates are not instantaneous. After relogging into iCloud on a device, it may be necessary to wait at least 10 minutes before the updates come through. The speed of restoration will no doubt depend on the network speed and the size of your iCloud data store.