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Handling iCloud Conflicts

If edits are made on the same safe on different devices, there is always the risk of a conflict occuring. iCloud takes time to propogate updates, and this process can be stalled due to network unavailability or slowness. Because of this, it is ideal to only make safe updates on the same device. However, this isn’t always practical and a conflict may occur.

SamuraiSafe currently makes no attempt to reconcile differences between conflicts, so you need to do this yourself.

If changes are received from iCloud for a safe whilst viewing or editing that safe, an alert will warn you that changes have been received. Editing will be disabled until the safe is reopened.

A conflicted safe will be indicated in red, and on tapping the safe name a choice can be made as to which safe should become the winner in the conflict. The modify times and the devices involved will be shown. If you wish to keep both copies of the conflicted safe, this is possible by selecting all conflicts you wish to keep. A unique safe name will be generated for the additional copies.

Note that if the Show File Dates setting is enabled, the last update time will be indicated for each safe.