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Enabling AutoFill

AutoFill allows easy login using SamuraiSafe credentials to websites using Safari, or with Apps that support AutoFill.

Your encrypted password store remains within SamuraiSafe, and the selected unencrypted password is only passed to iOS after a request is accepted by you, and you are authenticated by SamuraiSafe. The use of this feature is optional.

To enable or disable Password AutoFill for SamuraiSafe go to iOS Settings, Passwords & Accounts and select AutoFill Passwords. Select SamuraiSafe. Then select a SamuraiSafe iCloud safe you will be using for AutoFill.

Only a single iCloud safe may be selected for use by AutoFill at one time. On successful selection, a confirmation dialog will appear:

select icloud safe

It is recommended you also disable Keychain (or iCloud Keychain) from the AutoFill Passwords settings panel, otherwise you will be presented with usernames from both sources.