Security Preferences

Prefs Security

Set Clear clipboard: on close/minimise to clear the clipboard when the password safe is closed or the application is minimised or after a specified timeout. (Recommended)

NOTE: There is a general clipboard and also a drag clipboard used by the Name button , Password button , and WWW button buttons. This setting relates to the general clipboard set by button clicks. The drag clipboard is cleared immediately after the drag operation.

Lock password file: on minimise locks the safe immediately on minimising the window, or after a specified idle time (0 is off), (Recommended)

close/exit if no changes means after the specified idle time, close the safe, if there are no unsaved changes, and then exit the app.

Enhanced safe encryption enables a stronger and more robust algorithm when generating the safe encryption key.

When enabled, new safes use enhanced encryption, and changing a safe password upgrades the safe to use enhanced encryption.

Safe Version Indicator

The safe version will be indicated on the password history panel:

NOTE: Safes using enhanced encryption won’t be recognised by old versions of SamuraiSafe (i.e. older than V1.5.16 on macOS and V1.6.29 on iOS). They will fail to open with an incorrect password message. So ensure all your copies of SamuraiSafe are up to date prior to enabling this feature.

If Enhanced Encryption is disabled, new safes will have standard (V2) encryption, and changing the safe password downgrades the safe to standard (V2) encryption.

Safe password minimum strength: sets the minimum password strength that will be accepted when creating a new safe or changing a safe password.