Using Password Entries

The buttons at the top of the main window access elements of the currently selected password entry:

Main Window Buttons

Clipboard timeout settings govern how long the copied information remains in the clipboard. See Preferences for detail.

NOTE: clicking Name button or Password button sets the macOS general clipboard (pasteboard), which automatically participates with the Universal Clipboard. As a feature of Handoff, it can be disabled in System Preferences/General.

Enter text in Search field to search the Title, Username, Notes and URL fields of password entries for the supplied text. The search is case-insensitive. The filtered results are displayed. To cancel the search, click the x symbol next to the search box.

Use Detail button to expose/hide the detail drawer. Within the detail drawer you can select:

The detail drawer can be resized by grabbing the outer edge and dragging. Note that maximum size of the detail drawer is constrained by the size of the main window.

The coloured line under the password indicates strength. Red is very weak, yellow is weak and green is good. The longer the line the stronger the password.