Enabling iCloud

If you have enabled iCloud Drive for SamuraiSafe in the iCloud settings of System Preferences, you can:

The Open panel does not provide access to safes in the SamuraiSafe iCloud container. Instead use the Open iCloud menu. Note also that safes saved in the iCloud Drive folder, whilst in iCloud, won’t be visible to iOS devices. In order to share a safe in iCloud between macOS and iOS devices, it is necessary to move it to the private SamuraiSafe iCloud container using the Move To iCloud menu.

If you log out of iCloud, or disable iCloud Drive , you will not be able to access your iCloud documents, however they will be restored if you re-enable iCloud.

iCloud documents are typically “auto saved”. SamuraiSafe doesn’t work quite this way. Changes to group names occurs immediately, however changes to password entries are only saved and subsequently propogated when the Save button button is pressed.

Safes are represented as single files, so if a safe is opened and then saved simultaneously on two different devices, a warning that the safe has been changed whilst open may appear, or a conflict resolution display will appear on the next open. If changes were made and saved to two safes simultaneously, the resolution of this conflict will need to be made manually. See Handling iCloud Conflicts.

Renames, changes and deletes of safes are propogated quickly to all devices that are logged onto your iCloud account, so if any of these events are detected during the editing of a safe, a warning dialog should inform you.