SamuraiSafe is a password manager for iOS and macOS. It has a simple, clean interface, is highly secure, and is free. Your data is only stored where you allow it. You can generate and audit passwords, sync to multiple devices, and create password groups. Any textual information may be stored. Each password entry may contain an arbitrary length secure note.

See more detail on SamuraiSafe features, and also some comments on design philosophy.

You can read about why SamuraiSafe was created and who developed it.


SamuraiSafeLogo SamuraiSafe (iOS)

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SamuraiSearchLogo Samurai Search

Recursively search source code and text files for a pattern, then open matched files in your favourite editing/viewing app.

Supports flexible search options, including regular expressions. Files searched can be selected from standard or custom text file types.

Search folders can be selected from On My iPad, iCloud Drive or external file providers (e.g SMB share). Saved search folders are retained by the app where possible.

Note some third party file providers don’t currently provide external folder access (eg Google Drive and Dropbox).


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