As hardware has become faster, the cost of a brute-force attack on an encrypted safe has fallen. To counter this risk, SamuraiSafe now:

  • Ensures your safe password is strong (by setting a minimum standard for safe passwords),
  • can use a stronger algorithm to generate the encryption key:
    • PBKDF2 runs 50 times more iterations1,
    • a safe specific salt is added (further complicating decryption).

Enhanced encryption and minimum password strength are both options in SamuraiSafe settings.

When enabled in settings, the safe password needs to be updated for enhanced encryption to be enabled.

Safe Version Indicator

The safe version is indicated on the password history panel:
  V1: original safe format.
  V2: adds password history, autofill customisation, custom fields.
  V2E: adds enhanced encryption key.

View Safe Version macOS    View Safe Version iOS

Supported Platforms: iOS 13 or later, macOS 10.14 or later

Safes with enhanced encryption won’t be recognised by old versions of SamuraiSafe (i.e. older than V1.6.29 on iOS or V1.5.16 on macOS). They will fail to open with an incorrect password message.

Ensure all your copies of SamuraiSafe are up to date prior to enabling this feature.

If Enhanced Encryption is disabled, new safes will have standard (V2) encryption, and changing the safe password downgrades the safe to standard (V2) encryption.

  1. iPhone 6s: ~224ms, iPhone 14: ~58ms.