SamuraiSafe does not transmit or retain any private data outside your macOS or iOS device.

SamuraiSafe is however supported by the Apple macOS and iOS platforms, in order to function, and these platforms may collect data based upon their respective privacy settings.

If you have enabled iCloud Drive, and have created an iCloud safe, your encrypted safe is shared with your other devices, via iCloud servers. Responsibility for privacy and security within iCloud resides with Apple. Your private safe key never leaves your device.

SamuraiSafe does not use any form of analytics or logging except that provided by the underlying Apple platforms. For example, as a developer, I have access to aggregated statistics related to the purchase and number of uses of SamuraiSafe (if you have agreed to share analytics in privacy settings).

This website does not use web browser cookies. It is hosted by FastMail, who may retain access logs that collect your IP address.

If you communicate with me via email, your email address and copies of messages exchanged may be retained. FastMail retains copies of messages for one week. I will remove copies of email messages on request.