V1.7.1 - 20 February 2024
• Fixed crashing on attempt to view password history or autofill settings for a password entry containing custom fields.

V1.7.0 - 17 February 2024
• Enhanced Encryption enabled by default.
• Warning in new password dialog when upgrading safe to enhanced encryption.
• New Settings/SamuraiSafe Support option.
• What’s New message: Enhanced Encryption & Custom Fields.

V1.6.42 - 7 February 2024
• Fixed: If you made a change to Notes and then clicked Cancel, the display was not updated to the saved entry.

V1.6.41 - 4 February 2024
• New feature: Custom fields:
   • Custom label and value.
   • Sorted by label.
   • Custom label and values are searched.
   • Limited to 20 custom fields per password entry,
   • NOTE: older versions of SamuraiSafe won’t display custom fields.

• Removed legacy autofill flag detection and migration from notes field.
• Fixed Password Autofill issue which would exit ungracefully when about to display entry details for an entry with custom autofill settings.

V1.6.40 - 1 January 2024
• Forward compatibility updates.

V1.6.39 - 29 November 2023
Minor changes:
• behind the scenes simplification of defaults and clipboard copying;
• fixed saved TouchID/FaceID password when updating V1 safe password;
• fixed dark mode historical password color;
• file error alert contains safe name if unambigous.

V1.6.38 - 16 November 2023
• Important: fix creation of safes on iOS (broken by recent change).

V1.6.37 - 14 November 2023
• Minor changes to color and popover menu backgrounds.
• Improved handling of unrecognised format safes.

V1.6.36 - 13 November 2023
• Now supporting iOS 15.0 and later. (Dropping support for iOS 13.0 & 14.0)
• Fix email subject with Settings/Request Support.

New Setting:
• Appearance: system, light, dark.

V1.6.35 - 14 September 2023
• Ready for iOS 17.0.

Reminder: if enabling Enhanced Security, ensure all your devices have an updated version of SamuraiSafe.

V1.6.34 - 22 June 2023
• Minor updates to Settings and SamuraiSafe Help.

Reminder: if enabling Enhanced Security, ensure all your devices have an updated version of SamuraiSafe.

V1.6.33 - 18 Apr 2023
• Selecting SamuraiSafe… when using Password Autofill, suggested passwords should now be consistent with QuickType suggested credentials.

V1.6.32 - 14 Apr 2023
• Enhanced Encryption. Enable for strengthened encryption key. See samarama.net for details.

V1.6.31 - 8 Apr 2023
• Password Autofill, when selecting SamuraiSafe… will now display credentials referenced in Autofill Settings/Additional Websites.

V1.6.30 - 23 Mar 2023
• Search string is retained when selecting another group.

V1.6.29 - 2 Feb 2023
• Safe creation/password update dialog has been improved and clarified.
• Safe password strength rules are enforced for new and updated passwords. May be reduced or disabled in Settings (not recommended).
• Replaced the password strength estimator (ZXCVBN) with the latest version from Dropbox.
• When updating safe password, current password is checked, unless touch/face-id is enabled.
• Added support for upcoming enhanced encryption feature.

The password strengths (measured by the ZXCVBN algorithm) are as follows. The default minimum is 3:
0 - too guessable: risky password. (guesses less than 10 power 3)
1 - very guessable: protection from throttled online attacks. (guesses less than 10 power 6)
2 - somewhat guessable: protection from unthrottled online attacks. (guesses less than 10 power 8)
3 - safely unguessable: moderate protection from offline slow-hash scenario. (guesses less than 10 power 10)
4 - very unguessable: strong protection from offline slow-hash scenario. (guesses greater than 10 power 10)

V1.6.28 - 19 December 2022
• SamuraiSafe safes can be imported using the Files app: Long press on safe filename, select Share, select SamuraiSafe. The safe will be copied into LOCAL SAFES. It can then be moved to the ICLOUD SAFES as required.
• Increased robustness when an iCloud safe is removed on another device whilst open.

V1.6.27 - 8 December 2022
• German localisation.
• FIXED: slightly longer press on Password History or AutoFill History buttons wasn’t being recognised.

V1.6.26 - 25 September 2022
• Updates for iOS 16.
• New SamuraiSafe Tips in Settings.
• Long press on notes field permits part selection and copy (until another item is viewed). Clipboard timeout applies.

V1.6.25 - 21 September 2022
• Ready for iOS 16.
• Internal decryption issues will post a dialog rather than an exception.

V1.6.24 - 11 May 2022
• Rate/Review now opens app store app allowing review to be entered. Please try it! :-)

V1.6.23 - 10 May 2022
• When using autofill, and multiple password entries match the same website, they are now ordered by rank and username (in Safari and other apps).

V1.6.22 - 5 January 2022
• Now supporting iOS 13, iOS 14 and iOS 15. Ongoing support is dropped for iOS 12.

V1.6.21 - 30 September 2021
• Improved autofill Touch ID/Face ID responsiveness.

V1.6.20 - 29 September 2021
• Resolved autofill issue: Touch ID/Face ID sometimes not authenticating automatically.
• Supporting iOS 12 to iOS 15 and later.

V1.6.19 - 22 July 2021
• Warn before deleting a safe.

V1.6.18 - 13 June 2021
• Resolved issue with detail panel toolbar not appearing when in landscape mode.
• Updated toolbar icons.
• Resolved issue incorrectly filtering on password age (V1.6.17 only).

V1.6.17 - 10 June 2021
• AutoFill speed optimisation.
• Upgrade Safe on Open setting no longer affects new safe file format (all new safes are V2 format).
• After unlocking the device with TouchID/FaceID, or authenticating with TouchID/FaceID in SamuraiSafe, for a short period (12 seconds) afterwards repeat TouchID/FaceID validation isn’t required within SamuraiSafe. NOTE: this is a convenience feature, but if the duration is too large could be abused, so please, if you have comments or feedback - let me know.

V1.6.16 - 31 May 2021
• Minor fix relating to migration of old style autofill settings.
• Password autofill extension will timeout to protect your safe contents (after 30 seconds).

V1.6.15 - 12 November 2020
• Minor behind the scenes tweaks.

V1.6.14 - 9 November 2020
• Fixed detection of changes made on other devices while file is open (broke in 1.6.7). Conflict detection was OK.
• Prompt for app reviews a little more often….. C’mon guys!

V1.6.13 - 6 November 2020
• Added Filter & Audit Tools. Identify poor/old/duplicated passwords (access from cog icon in groups view).
• Autofill Settings now available in the entry detail view accessed from the quicktype bar (read-only).
• Lock on app switch now occurs immediately on entering background or when phone goes to sleep.
• Removed ability to revert to old safe format.
• Tweaked the colour visualisation of password strength.

V1.6.12 - 21 October 2020
• Fixed: Changing safe password the password history would become undecryptable.
• Autofill Settings now available in entry detail view:
• • for entries with a homepage,
• • with safe configured for autofill (in Settings/Passwords).
• • migration of deprecated tags from notes occurs on first use of Autofill Settings for that entry.
• Password strength indicator is live while typing.

V1.6.11 - 12 October 2020
• Updated app icon.

V1.6.10 - 11 October 2020
• Refreshed app icon.

V1.6.9 - 2 October 2020
• In iOS 14 or later, the browser setting may be “Default”, “Firefox” or “Chrome”. Default is the new system browser setting.

V1.6.8 - 6 August 2020
• Don’t display safe locked notification when in background.

V1.6.7 - 29 June 2020
• Further minimise potential blocking when iCloud is offline or when FileProviders active.

V1.6.6 - 23 June 2020
• Fixed dark mode text colour for new man­u­al­ly en­tered pass­words and notes.

V1.6.5 – 31 May 2020
• Copy Password on Open (Setting) wasn’t subsequently opening the URL (apologies! introduced while refactoring).
• Updated HUD (used for notifications).

V1.6.4 – 28 May 2020
• Fixed copying fields to clipboard when viewing entry details in Autofill Extension.
• Fixed some task switching issues.
• Improved accessibility when accessing iCloud offline.

V1.6.3 – 18 May 2020
• New tag:{AUTO-CLONE:HOSTNAME}. e.g. {auto-clone:www.google.com}
• Tags you may set in the Notes field of a safe entry to customise Autofill:
{AUTO-HIDE} will hide the entry from Autofill.
{AUTO-RANK-HI} will increase the rank of an entry (highest is shown on the Quicktype bar).
{AUTO-CLONE:HOSTNAME} use the same username and password for HOSTNAME. (May be repeated.)
This shouldn’t be used for unrelated websites where separate login credentials are possible.
• Tags are case insensitive, and will only be recognised on the first line of the Notes field.
• PLEASE NOTE: the implementation of this feature may change in the future.

V1.6.2 – 15 May 2020
• Fixed Lock-on-App-Switch in Settings (was not saving).
• Removed the In-App browser. Use iPad multitasking to place a web browser next to SamuraiSafe. Autofill also assists. iPhone In-App browser was limited. Sorry if you found this useful.
• Improved task switching app hiding image.
• Touch/FaceID indicated in Settings if disabled on supported device.
• Minor bug fixes relating to restricting editing to one view at a time.

• The safe used for Autofill is now indicated in SamuraiSafe Settings.
• SamuraiSafe will now use the host name component of the homepage URL rather than the less specific domain name when populating iOS Autofill. This disambiguates multiple entries for the same domain.
• If further control is required over Autofill, you may set tags in the Notes field of the respective entry. These tags will be consulted when SamuraiSafe updates iOS Autofill:
{AUTO-HIDE} will hide the entry from Autofill.
{AUTO-RANK-HI} will increase the rank of an entry (highest is shown on the Quicktype bar).
Tags are case insensitive, and will only be recognised on the first line of the Notes field.
• PLEASE NOTE: the implementation of this feature may change in the future.

V1.6.1 – 7 May 2020
• fix crash on app resize (while safes closed) on iPad.

V1.6.0 – 1 May 2020
• PASSWORD AUTOFILL for iCloud safes. This allows easy login using SamuraiSafe credentials to websites using Safari, or with apps that support AutoFill. Your encrypted passwords remain within SamuraiSafe, and an unencrypted password is only passed to iOS after a request is accepted by you, and you are authenticated by SamuraiSafe. The use of this feature is optional.
• Now only supporting iOS 12 and later.
• Auto-lock and Lock on App Switch moved to App Settings.

• Enable in Settings / Passwords & Accounts / Autofill Passwords.
• The upgraded app must be used to open a safe at least once, before that safe’s TouchID/FaceID credentials are available for autofill.
• The quicktype bar is only populated with entries in your safe that contain a username, password and valid homepage. If you find the Autofill quicktype bar isn’t offering you the correct username, ensure the homepage field is correct. Homepage may be set to either the bare website domain name eg. www.google.com, or a complete URL eg. https://www.google.com/login. In either case SamuraiSafe extracts the domain name (google.com in this instance), and this is used to match against the website URL.
• If you are unable to configure Autofill because iCloud was disabled, after enabling iCloud in Settings you must restart the Settings app before trying again.
• Third party keyboards may not work as smoothly with the Quicktype Bar as Apple keyboards, particularly with apps. If you have problems, try an Apple keyboard.
• Please report any issues, problems or confusing behaviour.

V1.5.8 – 26 November 2019
• New configuration setting to open web pages In App (iPad), Safari, Chrome or Firefox.
• Resolved In App browser quirks on iOS 13.

V1.5.7 – 17 September 2019
• ensure colours work correctly iOS 10 to iOS 13.

V1.5.6 – 16 September 2019
• supports iOS 10 and later
• dark mode support for iOS 13.

V1.5.5 – 20 June 2019
• Reinstate extended clipboard timeouts.

Please note:
• prior to iOS 10, notification of timeout only occurs if SamuraiSafe is in the foreground when timeout occurs,
• on iOS 10 and later, timeout is handled directly by iOS without any notification.

V1.5.4 – 19 June 2019
• maximum supportable clipboard timeout on iOS 12 and later is 30 seconds.
• clipboard timeout now more reliable.

V1.5.3 – 11 November 2018
• ready for recent iPad models [iPad Pro 11-inch and 12.9-inch].

V1.5.2 – 28 October 2018
• ready for recent iPhone models [XS, XS Max, and XR],
• links to Privacy Policy and Release Notes in Settings.

V1.5.1 – 21 May 2018
New features:
• SamuraiSafe now supports Password History (retaining previously saved passwords).

Enabling this feature requires a password safe file format upgrade. If you use safes in iCloud, you should update SamuraiSafe on all devices before upgrading any safe. For further information, please see help.samarama.net.

• Touch/Face ID now authenticates immediately on selecting a password safe with saved credentials. Use long press to access the safe open options.

V1.4.17 – 13 February 2018
• Prevent spurious change warnings on iOS 11 when simultaneously opening an iCloud safe on another iOS 11 or macOS 10.13 device. See support.samarama.net for more details.

V1.4.16 – 10 October 2017
• Improved cross hardware (iPhone X) compatibility.

V1.4.15 – 10 October 2017
• Restored landscape mode to iPhone. Sorry for any inconvenience.

V1.4.14 – 2 October 2017
• Ready for iPhone X and Face ID.

Note: Recent password visibility improvements mean rotation to landscape isn’t necessary to see a long password on iPhone, so I have removed support for landscape. Please let me know if you miss it.

V1.4.13 – 18 September 2017
• Drag and Drop entry details to other apps on iOS 11 iPad:
– Tap and hold entry detail, then drag. Or tap to copy as before.
• Improved visibility for long passwords:
– Password field is now multi-line.
– Tap the magnifier toolbar icon to show the password in an overlay window. Tap to hide.
• Settings reorganised for clarity. New settings:
– Web Browser: Copy Password On Open
– New Entry Defaults: Username

V1.4.12 – 8 September 2017
Touch ID/Face ID. Due to popular request! Please note:
– for IOS 9 and later,
– changing enrolled fingerprints clears stored passwords,
– may be disabled in preferences.

V1.4.11 – 1 September 2017
– new passPHRASE generator option (random sequence of English words),
– improved standard password generator (faster, stronger),
– better handling of large text sizes,
– resolved a number of minor issues.

V1.4.10 – 14 April 2017
Minor update for night owls and time(zone) travellers:
– Safe file modification date/time is now displayed correctly on passing midnight or after a timezone change.

V1.4.9 – 9 January 2017
– Resolved some minor usability and internal issues.

V1.4.8 – 24 October 2016
– Resolved issue with auto file locking after wake from background.
– Resolved cosmetic issue with web viewer.

V1.4.7 – 13 October 2016
– Open URLs in inbuilt web browser on iOS 9 and later on iPad or iPhone Plus in landscape mode.
– iOS 10 universal clipboard security: clipboard contents always remains local.
– Password strength indicator updates as you type.
– Minor bug fixes and enhancements.
– Sorry: now only supporting iOS 8 and later.

V1.4.6 – 24 August 2016
– Internal cleanup – removed unused app store code. Likely to be the last iOS 7 version.

V1.4.5 – 6 January 2016
– Minor fix: remove delay in updating display when deleting password entry.

V1.4.4 – 2 December 2015
– Minor cosmetic improvements.

V1.4.3 – 11 November 2015
All features are now permanently unlocked for free (no in-app purchase required):
– Creation and editing of safes.
– Automatic backup of changes.
– Moving safes between local storage and iCloud.
– Generation of strong passwords.
– Password strength indicator.
– Deletion of safes, (restorable from backup).

V1.4.1 – 21 October 2015
Supports iOS9 iPad multitasking and iPhone plus landscape mode.
Minor bug fixes. Reduced price for in-app upgrade.

V1.4 – 17 September 2015
– Updated for iOS8.
– Improved iCloud interaction (iCloud Drive and Documents in the Cloud)
– Password strength indicators.
– Enhanced iCloud conflict handling.

Unlocking the full feature set with a single in-app purchase provides:
– Creation and editing of safes.
– Automatic backup of changes.
– Moving safes between local storage and iCloud.
– Generation of strong passwords (configurable policy).
– Deletion of safes, (restorable from backup).
– All future enhancements on release.

V1.3.1 – 19 May 2014
Auto clear clipboard if terminated.
Minor visual tweaks.

V1.3 – 4 October 2013
Updated for iOS 7. Supports dynamic type.
New setting for displaying file modification times.
New setting for displaying password/entry modification times.
Also some minor bug fixes.

V1.2.3 – 14 September 2013
Auto clear clipboard timeout limited to 3 minutes for compatibility with latest iOS versions.

V1.2.2 – 30 August 2013
Fix app icon in store. No need to update if you have 1.2.1.

V1.2.1 – 28 August 2013
Minor visual tweaks. New style icon.

V1.2 – 10 July 2013
Issue resolved which resulted in iCloud safes sometimes being listed more than once.

V1.1.2 – 4 May 2013
First iOS release.