There are three ways to fill in forms with usernames and passwords stored in SamuraiSafe on Mac:

Cut and Paste

  • Clicking the Name, ** or WWW button will copy the appropriate field to the system pasteboard.
  • Use ⌘+v to paste the result.

To access the notes field, open the detail drawer and select directly from the display.

After a delay (specified in Settings), the clipboard will be automatically cleared.

Drag and Drop

  • Drag the Name, ** or WWW button over the field you wish to fill.

Password Autofill (iCloud safes only)

Password Autofill will automatically fill usernames and passwords in Safari or other apps that support Autofill.

  • Autofill is most convenient on a Mac if you use TouchID to unlock SamuraiSafe.
  • Enable Autofill for SamuraiSafe in System Settings(Preferences) / Extensions / SamuraiSafe / Password Autofill.
  • Open the iCloud safe you wish to use for Autofill in SamuraiSafe and select the Files menu Use Safe for Password Autofill.
  • Safari, and other apps supporting Autofill will prompt to fill in the username and password as appropriate based upon the matching web page address (url).
  • By selecting the key icon, you may search for the appropriate safe entry for supplying username and password.

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