There are two ways to fill in forms with usernames and passwords stored in SamuraiSafe on an iPhone:

Cut and Paste

  • Select the field you wish to copy from the entry detail, a dialog will indicate the field was copied.
  • Switch to another app, and use paste to save the result.

After a delay (specified in Settings), the clipboard will be automatically cleared.

If you want to select part rather than the entire note field, long press on the note field and then you should be able to select part of the note. (v1.6.26 and later)

Password Autofill (iCloud safes only)

  • Select your iCloud safe in iOS Prefences / Passwords / Autofill Passwords / SamuraiSafe
  • Safari, and apps supporting autofill will prompt to fill in the username and password as appropriate.
  • By selecting the key icon, you may search for the appropriate safe entry for supplying username and password.


If you have an iPad, in addition to the methods above, you can:

Drag and Drop

  • Use split view to arrange SamuraiSafe and another app side by side.
  • Drag the field from the SamuraiSafe entry detail view onto the other apps field.

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