V1.21 - 6 May 2022
• Rate/Review now opens app store on appropriate page. Please try it! :-)

V1.20 - 18 January 2022
• Restored search performance (lost in last update).
• Online help (see More Options).

V1.19 - 17 January 2022
• Resolved Download iCloud Files issues.
• Improved status and error messages.

V1.18 - 11 January 2022
• Search folders that disappear now generate an error message (on startup or when folders are changed).
• PDF search results correctly display matches across line boundaries.
• PDF search option moved to front.
• Improved warning messages.

NOTE: Download iCloud Files sometimes can’t see the files it needs to download.
Restarting the app and running again often helps. Under investigation.

V1.17 - 9 January 2022
• Fixed unnecessary auto-toggle of Download iCloud Files.
• Moved the Status field up so it is easier to see.

V1.16 - 8 January 2022
• Now searches PDFs!:
  . Page numbers are supplied for PDF search results rather than line numbers.
  . PDF search ignores Whole Word and Regular Expression settings (alert warns of this).
  . Being a new feature, please let me know of any issues.

• New Show All Files Searched option (lists filenames searched even if no results found).

• Fixed issues with Download iCloud Files:
  . downloads the top level of a Search Folder,
  . waits till downloads have completed.

V1.15 - 7 January 2022
• Resolved issues with custom file type editing.

V1.14 - 3 January 2022
• Resolved issue with Search Folder editing.
• Improved Search Folder info view on iPhone.
• Distinguish between SMB/USB and other Removable Drive Folders.

V1.13 - 1 January 2022
• Fixed crash when saved folder no longer exists.

V1.12 - 31 December 2021
• Search Folders are now sorted.
• Fix: Search field placeholder updated when regexp enabled/disabled.

V1.11 - 29 December 2021
• Long press on Search Folder name to provide menu:
       Info: show folder details (replaces double tap action),
       Rename: edit the display name (no change to referenced folder),
       Remove: remove the search folder (alternative to swipe left).

• App Icon/Display Name of Search Folder shown if available.
• Search Results are prefixed by the Search Folder display name if multiple folders are selected.
• Bug fixes: always save Search Folder selection, allow cancellation of large iCloud queries.

V1.10 - 2 November 2021
• Improved speed and reliability of iCloud file downloading.

V1.9 - 13 October 2021
• Fix issues with whole word search. Regular expression search now disables whole word option.
• On iPad, double tap on a Search Folder name reveals the file path.
• Search result filenames: always remove leading “/”.

V1.8 - 12 October 2021
• Fixed an issue where the share sheet (opening a file in another app) would sometimes fail.

V1.7 - 22 August 2021
• Minor internal improvements. Fixed app store iPhone images.

V1.6 - 15 August 2021
• Only show Download iCloud Files option when iCloud folders active.
• Improved implementation of Download iCloud Files limiting concurrent resource use.

V1.5 - 12 August 2021

Download iCloud Files

This option, when enabled, will download iCloud files in selected iCloud Drive folders that match the file type (file extension) criteria, if they are known, yet not downloaded on the device.

Typically this needs to be only run once before a set of search queries. For this reason the option resets after use. It is re-enabled if the file type criteria are changed. It can also be enabled manually.

iCloud Drive file download speed will depend on network connectivity. Progress is indicated in the app Status field. The downloading process can be interrupted.

Note that if you try downloading files for an iCloud Drive folder that has recently been synced, you may not fetch all the files. Restarting the app sometimes helps (I’m trying to work out why this is so).

V1.4 – 31 July 2021
• Hide keyboard after search using button so Status is clearly visible.

V1.3 – 29 July 2021
• Long running queries can be stopped.
• Low memory conditions are detected: stopping queries with excessive results.
• Visual tweaks, more icons.

V1.2 – 25 July 2021
• Go button on search field.
• Compacted More Options.
• No autocorrect/spellcheck in search.

V1.1 – 18 July 2021
• Add search folders from the Files app or other capable apps (via action button).
• Faster and more robust regular expression matching.
• Added search history.
• Resolved minor formatting issues.

V1.0 – 16 July 2021
First release.