Simple and Secure

Highly secure yet easy to use, supports password security best practice (different complex passwords for each site/web service).

Strong Security

Your private safe key is never transmitted from your device. AES-256 encryption with secure hash (HMAC) to detect tampering or corruption. Automatic clipboard clear and safe locking. Automatic password safe backup. (iOS)

Generate and Audit Passwords

Generate strong passwords (random characters or random words). Password strength is shown for all passwords. Filter based upon password age or password strength, locate shared passwords.

Easy to Use

Password Autofill, TouchID and FaceID. (iOS) Drag and drop username/password/url or cut/paste. Choice of web browser, split view (iPadOS). Online documentation.

Sync to Multiple Devices

iCloud sync between iPhone/iPad/Mac. iTunes sync to a iPhone/iPad.

Organise Passwords

Store any textual information: credit card numbers, pin codes, account numbers. Each entry may have an arbitrary length secure note. Create multiple password safes. Create groupings. Maintains a history of previously used passwords.


XML import/export to assist migration to/from other apps. (macOS)


SamuraiSafe is totally free to use on both MacOS and iOS. Everyone should use a password manager. And it shouldn’t be necessary to pay for a good one.

Stable and Mature

SamuraiSafe has been in the App Store since 2013.