Welcome to SamuraiSafe for iPad/iPhone/iPod touch
SamuraiSafe is a password manager. It stores passwords and other important information securely, helps generate strong passwords, and allows you to easily login to websites securely. SamuraiSafe's strengths are safety, simplicity and giving you complete control of your private data.
This iPad/iPhone/iPod app may be used as a companion to the OS X app. The basic features of this app allow opening and using password safes, not creating or changing them. Creation and maintenance of safes is possible by enabling the full feature set with a once-off in-app upgrade (indicated by (Pro) in the text) or by using the OS X app.
iCloud may be used to synchronise between OS X and iOS instances, or password safes may be transferred using iTunes.
Unlike cloud based password managers, you maintain complete control over your private data. Your private data only resides where you allow it. The private key to your store is only known to you, it is never saved or transmitted anywhere. iCloud is an option but remains your choice.
SamuraiSafe is simple to use and is very secure. Your password data is encrypted using AES-256, and any corruption or tampering of your password store is detected using a secure hash (HMAC). Your password safes remain encrypted at all times - either on the device, or in iCloud, or on OS X, using a key only know by you.
What’s in the Pro Version?
• Creation and editing of safes.
• Automatic backup of changes.
• Moving safes between local storage and iCloud.
• Generation of strong passwords (configurable policy).
• Deletion of safes, (restorable from backup).
• All future enhancements on release.
Creating and Maintaining Password Safes →