Clicking opens the Settings Menu.
Set Open Read Only - Sets the initial disposition of the Open Read Only button when opening a safe
Allow Touch ID Login (iOS 9 and later) or Allow Face ID Login (iOS 11) - Enable/disable Touch ID/Face ID functionality. If turned off all stored Touch ID/Face ID safe passwords will be removed from your device.
Clear Clipboard - If you copy any data from a safe by clicking on an entry field, it is put into a clipboard shared with other iOS apps. This setting specifies the time elapsed before the shared clipboard is cleared.
Safe Modified Date - Show the last modification date and time of each safe.
Entry Modified Dates - Show the last modification date and time of each entry and each password, when viewing an entry's detail.
Username - the default value for username when creating a new safe entry.
Copy Password on Open - When asking the web browser to show an entry homepage, whether or not to copy the password to the clipboard (this may be unnecessary on an iPad using drag and drop).
Use In-App Web Browser (iPad or iPhone Plus) - Enable/disable the in-app Safari web browser that will open when you tap (provided the entry has a valid home page specified). If disabled, a separate Safari window will be used instead. On iPhone Plus this option only works in landscape mode.
Restore Backups - Open the Restore Backup dialog. See Restoring a Safe from Backups
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