Creating and Maintaining Password Safes

You can create safes with either the macOS or iOS SamuraiSafe app. You can synchronise safes with your iPhone or iPad using iCloud or manually using iTunes.
To transfer a password safe using iTunes:
• Connect your device to a computer running iTunes,
• Select your device from the iTunes window, click Apps.
• At the bottom of the screen is the File Sharing section. Select SamuraiSafe from the listed Apps. The right hand window lists any currently stored safes. You can drag and drop safes to and from your device. You can also select a file on the device and hit the delete key to remove the file.
If using iCloud, and you wish to view a password safe created on macOS 10.11 or later, it important the password safe resides in the private SamuraiSafe iCloud container, not the folder. This requires using the Move to iCloud menu item on macOS. The password safe should then appear on iOS and on macOS under the Open iCloud menu.
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