Opening Your Safe

The initial screen allows you to select the safe to open. Local safes may be copied onto your device using iTunes on OS X. To use iCloud, you need to be logged onto iCloud and have Documents & Data enabled.
To minimise risk of disclosure, after a delay (default 1 minute), any data (such as a password) copied from the safe to the clipboard will be cleared from the clipboard. Under you can alter the delay or disable this feature.
After you have selected a safe to open you will be presented by a login screen. You need to enter the safe password to proceed. You also have two options that regulate automatic locking of the safe:
• after expiry of a time period (default 1 minute),
• when you switch to another app (default on).
If you have iCloud safes, you may see the safe name appear in grey without the > symbol - this indicates that the safe is downloading from iCloud. The name will go black and > symbol will appear when it is ready to be opened.
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