Password Autofill allows easy login using SamuraiSafe credentials to websites using Safari, or with other apps that support AutoFill. Setup and customisation details are described below.


Enable in Settings/Passwords & Accounts/Autofill Passwords. See Enabling and Using Password Autofill for more detail.

Autofill Notes

The quicktype bar is populated with entries in your safe that contain a username, password and valid homepage. If you find the Autofill quicktype bar isn’t offering you the correct username, ensure the homepage field is correct. Homepage may be set to either the bare website host name eg., or a complete URL eg.


If further control is required over Autofill, you can set tags in the Notes field of the respective entry.

These tags will be consulted when SamuraiSafe updates iOS Autofill:
{AUTO-HIDE} will hide the entry.
{AUTO-RANK-HI} will increase the rank of an entry (highest is suggested in the Quicktype bar).
{AUTO-CLONE:HOSTNAME} use the same username and password for HOSTNAME. e.g. {}

AUTO-CLONE shouldn’t be used for unrelated websites where separate login credentials are possible. It may be repeated with different HOSTNAMEs.

NOTE: Tags are case insensitive, and will only be recognised on the first line of the Notes field.
The implementation of this feature may change in the future.

If you are unable to configure Autofill because iCloud was disabled, after enabling iCloud in Settings you must restart the Settings app before trying again.

Third party keyboards may not work as smoothly with the Quicktype Bar as Apple keyboards, particularly with apps. If you have problems, try an Apple keyboard.

Please report any issues, problems or confusing behaviour.