Preferences appear in a number of sections:
Open Dialog: set read only by default. Sets the default mode when opening an existing safe: either read-only or read-write.
Show menu bar icon. When enabled, SamuraiSafe appears in the menu bar while running.
Use tabs (when opening multiple safes) instead of windows - can be set to automatic, on or off.
Password history is the option to retain a specified number of previously used passwords. A file format upgrade is required for this feature to work.
Enabling Upgrade safe on open/create will allow prompting to upgrade a password safe from the old format (V1) to the new format (V2) required to support the Password History feature. This setting also governs whether newly created safes are new or old file format. Please see for further information on safe migration (and reversion if necessary).
The Keep setting is a maximum number of previous passwords to be retained. This setting can be overriden on a per entry basis (up or down). Reducing the Keep preferences setting will not affect previous passwords already saved until a entry has a password updated.

NOTE: retaining a large number of old passwords may make your password safe grow in size significantly, so use this option judiciously.
Password Generation:
Password. Set the length (in characters) of randomly generated passwords and the set of characters used by the generator.
Passphrase. Set the length (in words) of randomly generated passphrases. Set the selection of separator character.
Entry/Detail View
Double-click on entry indicates the action of double clicking a password entry (either copy password or open detail sidebar).
Detail sidebar show password by default sets the default display of password - either hidden (obscured by '*'s) or in plain text.
Prefers to open on the right sets which side the detail sidebar should be shown. If there is no room, the opposite side will be used.
Entry/Detail font use larger size uses a larger font for Entry/Detail text.
Username default is the value used for the Username field of newly created entries.
Set Clear clipboard on close/minimise to clear the clipboard when the password safe is closed or the application is minimised or after a specified timeout. (Recommended)

NOTE: There is a general clipboard and also a drag clipboard used by the , , and buttons. This setting relates to the general clipboard set by button clicks. The drag clipboard is cleared immediately after the drag operation.
Lock password file on minimise locks the safe immediately on minimising the window, or after a specified idle time (0 is off), (Recommended)
close/exit if no changes means after the specified idle time, close the safe, if there are no unsaved changes, and then exit the app.
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