Importing and Exporting XML

SamuraiSafe supports the XML file formats generated by the original (Windows) Password Safe and the derivative Java Password Safe programs for import:
• Fields recognised are <group> <title> <username> <password> <notes> and <url>.
• Fields making up an entry must be enclosed within either <pwentry> or <entry>.
• A number of entries must be enclosed within either <pwlist> or <passwordsafe>.
• Unrecognised tags are ignored.
Here is a short XML sample:
If <group> is missing, the imported entry will be added to a group called <No Group>.
The exported XML conforms to the Java Password Safe format (as in above sample).
If you have password file data in CSV format, you can find a CSV to XML conversion tool here:
Note there are security implications to XML import/export as the plaintext may be stored permanently on your system inadvertently. To ensure any XML files are removed securely use rm -P on the command line to overwrite files before deleting them.
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