Creating and Editing Password Entries

Password entries can be created by hand, or imported from an XML formatted file.
SamuraiSafe assumes password entries are categorised by group, so before an entry can be manually created, the parent group needs to be created. Do this by clicking at the bottom of the Groups column. Enter the Group name, and hit return.
Create a password entry under the selected group by clicking at the bottom of the Title column. A detail drawer will be revealed allowing you to enter the Title, Username, Password, Notes and a URL for the password entry.
Password entries can be moved between groups by selecting a new group from the pull-down group menu.
Entries and groups can be removed by clicking the at the bottom of the appropriate column. Groups can not be deleted until all password entries have been moved or deleted.
When you have finished editing an entry, click the button (or you can use Edit/Save).
If you delete or change something by mistake, you can use the button to reverse all changes since the last save.
The interface is locked while you have unsaved changes to an entry. You need to click either or to continue.
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