Creating a New Safe

You can create safes with either the macOS or iOS SamuraiSafe app. You can sychronise safes with your iPhone/iPad using iCloud or manually using iTunes.
Create a new empty safe using the File/New menu item.
You will be prompted for the safe combination (i.e. password). This combination is not recoverable, and neither is the information stored in the safe (without the combination), so you must remember it.
You can change the combination at a later time using File/Change Safe Combination.
After creating some entries, when you click File/Save, you will be prompted for a safe file location. If you have enabled iCloud and iCloud Drive for SamuraiSafe in System Preferences you can create a safe in iCloud.
When creating a safe on macOS 10.11 and later, you may create a safe in the folder. Although in iCloud, the safe won’t be visible to iOS devices. In order to share a safe with iCloud, between macOS and iOS devices, it is necessary to move it to the private SamuraiSafe iCloud container using the Move To iCloud menu. On macOS the safe will then appear in the Open iCloud menu.
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