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Viewing an Entry

The entry details of your password entry are displayed. Selecting any field will copy that field to the clipboard so it can be pasted into an application of your choosing.


If you wish to view the password, tap the view icon button. This also shows the home page exactly as stored in the safe (without abbreviation).

If you tap globe icon the entry password will be copied to clipboard and Safari (or other web browser selected in Settings) will open on the home page. The copy behaviour can be disabled (Copy Password in Open) in Settings.

On an iPad in split view, you can drag and drop entry fields from SamuraiSafe. This is a very secure method of transferring data as the clipboard isn’t involved.

SamuraiSafe tracks the last time the entry fields are changed, and the last time the password is changed — these are displayed at the bottom of the detail drawer history display if Show Timestamps: Entry Modfied Dates is selected in Settings.