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Customising AutoFill

AutoFill Settings are available for safe entries that have a username, password and homepage set, and the safe is configured for AutoFill in Settings/Passwords (available for safes upgraded to V2).

cutom autofill

An entry can be hidden from AutoFill, or the rank of the entry increased. (The highest ranked matching entry is suggested in the Quicktype bar).

Additional hostnames may also be specified. Matching hosts will use the current entry username and password. This feature is intended for a group of websites that use the same login credential (and where seperate login credentials are not possible).


AutoFill behaviour may also be customised by setting textual tags on the first line of the safe entry Notes field. These deprecated settings will be automatically migrated on first use of AutoFill Settings.

  • {AUTO-HIDE} will hide the entry from AutoFill.

  • {AUTO-RANK-HI} will increase the rank of an entry (highest rank is suggested in the Quicktype bar).

  • {AUTO-CLONE:HOSTNAME} use the same username and password for HOSTNAME. e.g. {}